Buy or Sell Diamonds and other precious gems

Pawn or Sell Diamonds and other Precious Gems

We also sell new and pre-owned jewelry and diamonds and can custom make special orders.

Cash Exchange Pawnshop has G.I.A. graduate gemologists on staff that will confidently appraise, grade and evaluate your diamonds. Diamond color evaluation of most diamonds is based on the absence of color. An ideal perfect diamond has no hue, and consequently, a higher value. Colors can range from D-to-Z  on the diamond color-grading system, which measures the degree of colorlessness. The scale begins with the color letter D, representing colorless, and continues, with increasing presence of color, to the letter Z. The proportion’s cut and the clarity also play a very important role in determining a diamond’s worth and value. The clarity scale goes from Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Slightly included 1 (VVS1), Very Very Slightly included 2 (VVS2), Very Slightly Included 1 ( VS1), Very Slightly Included 2 (VS2), Slightly Included 1 (SI1), Slightly Included ring for sale at cash exchange2 (SI2), Imperfect 1,2 & 3 ( I 1, I2, I3). We have all the knowledge and proper equipment and tools to precisely appraise your diamond for loan or sell value. Our gemologists perform this directly in front of you while you wait and will guide you and explain what they are doing every step of the way.

We buy or pawn diamonds of all shapes and sizes from small melee diamonds, quarter carats on up, and larger diamonds 1.50 carats and larger are our specialty. Whether you have a round brilliant cut diamond, princess cut diamond, pear shape, marquise, cushion cut, radiant, heart, or any other fancy shape, we have 30-plus years of experience to ensure you get the highest value.

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