Cash Exchange Pawn Shop

Buy-old-goldCash Exchange Pawn Shop was established in 1988 and has been a family run pawnshop in Chicago operating from the same location. We specialize in giving top prices when you pawn or sell your jewelry, diamonds, guitars, watches, coins, old gold, sterling silver, antiques and collectibles. There is no credit check and no risk of ruining your credit like other forms of credit lending. You will receive immediate cash!

Gemologist GIAWe are collateral asset lenders with a knowledgeable staff of G.I.A. gemologists, numismatists, goldsmiths, musical instrument collectors and antique buyers to appraise and ensure that you will get top loan values for your items when you pawn, loan or sell to us.

Same Day Loans

Requirements for a same day/no credit check loan: Must be 18 years of age and have a valid I.D., like a state I.D., or driver’s license, government I.D., passport, or immigration I.D.

How Pawn Works

Selling or Pawning your Gold and Jewelry for Cash:

old-goldOur buying process: We will evaluate your gold, diamonds and jewelry and make an offer.  There is no cost to have the items evaluated.

• Pawn or sell your items for instant cash!
• Private, secure and completely confidential
• Get instant loans without credit or background checks!
• Large and small loans available $5 to $100,000
• Special rates on pawn loans $10,000 and higher
• Get instant cash for almost any item
• No background checks, therefore no chance of ruining your credit
• We are gold, diamond and jewlery buyers with 30-plus years of experience
• Highest prices paid for gold
• No time limit on your pawns
• Professional, friendly service